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Floor Joists

We have a variety of types of floor joists to choose from to fit your build and budget.

Soft Wood


Marches can supply traditional timber floors that are manufactured from a range of C24 Grade Timbers. Soft-wood joists are ideal for smaller builds where relatively short spans are involved. 




I-joists (also known as I-beams) are structurally engineered wood product, which has incredible strength in relation to its size and weight. They are produced by reforming timber fibres using a range of advanced patented processes. This ensures a product with unrivalled consistancy and performance.


Laminated strand timber and Parallel strand timber can also be used for  beams, lintels, purlins and rim board.


I-Joists can also be used to build flat or pitched roofs.


Metal Web Joists (Posi Joists)


Marches can also supply Posi-Joist floor joist systems. We offer an in house design, manufacture and supply service. Using Mitek software and ancillary components we manufacture to the highest quality and reliability. 


Posi-Joist combine the lightness of timber with the strength of a Posi-Strut steel web. The open web design makes the installation of services and utilities far simpler and quicker, reducing both labour costs and time on site. 


Posi-Joist can also be utilised for flat and pitched roofs.

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