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Roof Trusses

We can design and manufacture custom roof trusses to your specification.

At Marches we have the expertise to design, manufacture and deliver custom roof trusses you might require for your build project.


What Are Roof Trusses?


Roof trusses are designed to support the roof fabric, ceilings and/or floors, together with providing the shape of the roof. They are structurally engineered individual component made from kiln-dried TR26 timbers, treated (VAC-VAC) to cycle F requirements, joined together with steel nail-plates. 


Why Use Us?


Marches can undertake all types of roofs; from a simple garage roof to an attic room extension and even an entire new roof.


Drawings and structural calculations are prepared and with standard construction details assist tradesmen on site.


We use specialist Mitek software to design and manufacture your roof trusses at one of our dedicated factories where the timber is cut using the latest Randek CNC computerised saws which enable accurate cutting. The components are then assembled on our 33m long table press.


All trussed rafters are supplied clearly labelled together with site fixing drawings and details to enable quick and correct installation.

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